Possessed Girl in LRT Attacked a Fellow Passenger!

Meanwhile in Edmonton, as seen in this video, this woman had a strange behaviour and a lot of people say that “she may be on crack” or possessed but whatever happened to her is still scary. A Facebook user named Renée A. Carter was able to film the woman’s behaviour prior the attack (click here to view) and also managed to caught the attack on film with the fellow passenger on the way to Churchill station. The woman and the other commuter were involved in physical altercation, while Carter tried to stop the attack by telling the guy (other commuter) that the woman was probably possessed as heard in the video. The police came and as seen in the video they arrested the guy due to seeing him knocked the woman out. This is sad because none of the passengers attempt to intervene and said that the woman was the first to attack. This is quite gender inequality as I can say in my opinion. As well as, a little bit of racial profiling too because the the guy is a Native American and the apparent possessed woman is a Caucasian and of course the cops arrested the guy even though all he did prior the attack was enjoying his pringles snack.

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